721 slow response on on DD channels ?

Bill D

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Sep 8, 2003
I have noticed of late, as well as a friend of mine that the 721 is slow to respond to pause, skip back, etc to a pvr'd show from HBO. Recent example curb your enthusiasm. There is like a 5 sec delay from when you hit skip back till it goes.
He was thinking maybe the dolby digital is doing something, this was hbo east. haven't reaaly tried recording other hbo's w/o DD yet, just wondering if anyone else has noticed this.
Could be either the fact that the audio format is different, so it has other work to do for DD audio decoding. Could be that the signal size is bigger (DD takes up more space and therefore data), hence a slower reaction time.

I've never experienced it myself since I don't subscribe to any channels that show DD. Anyone know all the channels broadcast in DD?
I have personally seen this as well. I subscribe to HBO and see it all the time on DD broadcasts. I have learned to not skip forward but to fast-forward to avoid the several second delay in reacting to the skip commands.

I'm not entirely certain it is always related to DD. It could be related to high bandwidth channels like the premium channels. I don't see the problem with locals (less bandwidth and not DD).

The easiest way to reproduce it is to watch a DD HBO movie and hit the skip back button. The audio and video stop for ~ 5 seconds before it resumes.


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