721 Timer Bugs


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Sep 11, 2003
My 721 has the 171 firmware. It is still experiencing timer related bugs. The same bugs that have been in place for the last several releases.

Further, Dish replaced my first 721 with another that has the same problems.

Dish Advanced Tech support claims that all timer issues were resolved by the 171 firmware release. The guy would NOT submit another bug report to engineering. The only recourse that he would give me is to replace the 721 with yet another receiver.

Is anyone else experiencing timer related bugs?

some example bugs: timer reboots, short programs, program overruns, and missing programs
Before TechTV changed over to G4TechTV, I had a 4pm EST timer setup for X-Play which recorded about 13 seconds worth of the 30 minute program for 2 days straight. Called tech support and was told to delete the timer manually then re-add it later. Everything seems to be ok now.
I've seen the 14 second recordings half a dozen times, but not for many months. It seemed to occur more often when two recordings were set for the same time, which makes sense if its a throughput issue. It could be that usually avoiding simultaneous recordings is why I never see this anymore. Or not, since I still do that, only less.

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