722K and Ext HD DVR Intergration?


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Jan 14, 2007

I just installed an external HD on my 722k and was under the impression that it would just add hours to the regular DVR section and be integrated with that but instead it seems to be an archive where only recordings can be transferred to and watched through the "Manage Media" section. Is there any way to integrate the Ext Hd so it's just part of the normal DVR section? Using the "Manage Media" and having to transfer recordings is a royal pain because the recordings take a very long time to transfer and there's many steps just to get into the Hd to watch something.

Nope. Would be nice to have the option, but personally I wouldn't want the archiving feature removed for that functionality.
DRA integrates the two. Not sure about DO but I think it does too.
Yes.. they both do to some extent. Upon this most recent rash of DO updates, and changes to my 722k ... I'm not getting the error at DO when I attempt to play something that was "streamed" and stored on the drive which is at the top of the list in "rentals" where before I would get told *DO* can not stream rentals.

The other thing about integration.. while it doesn't help to move stuff *to* the drive ... you *can* get the playback more "integrated" with the DVR screen by "Grouping".

When grouping is on (sort button in DVR menu .. by title, etc) the "My Groups" folder appears in your DVR list (press DVR button twice on remote), and through that is access to the EHD recordings. Its one or so less steps to get into the content, the big negative is that it turns on grouping and if you didn't want it on before (not fond of it myself except when managing/deleting things) you wouldn't want it on now.. :)

DRA is the easiest of the two online methods to *start* something on TV1, but that's of no help for TV2 locations. Its hopeful that this choice from DRA will get migrated to DO but dish is silent as usual about what they are or will be doing for the SLING people that use DishOnline.
There is a setting that lets you enable recording to an external hard drive, but it will only do so if the hard drive in your 722 is full. I believe its under system setup-record plus. I can't remember exactly and I have a 922 now, so I can't check.
NO, that setting will NOT record to an external drive. That setting is to record to a device like the PocketDISH or VCR that can accept the command to start recording via the composite video cable.

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