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Nov 24, 2003
I just got a pronto. Does any know where I can get a config file? I saw several posts about this but I'm not really sure what I need to do since the remote is UHF and it won't learn. I want to be able to use the pronto to control the 811. Anyone help a pronto newbie as what I need to do to get started?
Go to www.remotecentral.com

Look in the "files" section under the corresponding pronto device, depending on which pronto you have. Keep in mind that Dish receivers can have one of 19 different addresses, so look for a CCF file that is the same address as your receiver (which is 1, unless you assign it otherwise).

Most all dish receivers use the same IR codes, so getting a 6000 file will probably have most of the needed codes for the 811. (I have a 6000, 811 and 501 and I know at least they are interchangable.)
Ok thanks!! I found a couple on there. Is there a way to strip out the actual codes instead of using the entire template? I am designing my own custom screens but wanted just the code or function to make the 811 work.
Does the Dish 6000 have descrete on and off? My 501 doesn't and I am hoping that the 811 does.

I think that the easiest way to copy learned codes over is to:
-delete all extraneous devices/macros from the host ccf
-merge the two ccf's togeather
-bring up the devices that you want to copy over to/from
-copy from host, and past to new device
-or, just redo the images on the host to fit your needs
The 6000 and 501 both have discrete on/off codes - check remotecentral. I uploaded them there more than a year ago.
When you use discrete codes, does that mean that you can only power the device on and off? Can you also use the other functions of the remote?
Discrete means that off is one button. On is another button.

This makes macro creation much better than a single button toggle on/off as you can never be sure whether you are toggling the component on or off without an expensive RC system.


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