811 Favorite Channels limit?


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Nov 17, 2003
North Arkansas
While setting up a new favorites list on my 811, I found that I can only have 96 channels in a single favorites list.

The user guide states that you can have an unlimited number of channels per list, but only 4 different favorites lists.

96 is NOT unlimited. Depending on my mood, I set up anywhere from 20 to all channels. I would like to omit the PPV, AO, NHL, and NBA from the list I see but keep the rest. That is quite a bit over 96 channels.

Any idea if this was a change in L263 or just another case of E* not knowing what their equipment limitations are.
The engineer I talked to about this said that they had some memory management issues with the early releases, hence you don't have unlimited favorites. He said that it would be fixed in an upcoming release, but wasn't sure exactly when but it didn't sound like it would be that far out in the future, but you never know with E*.

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