811 Cables?


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Dec 18, 2003
Just got a Sony plasma HDTV and was wondering what cables come with the 811. And also the quality of them.
Component Cables (Molded) - Not bad quality. Heavy looking dark grey insulation. Might not be suitable for high-end users but PQ looks good so far on my 57" Hitachi.

Composite Cable(Molded) - Heavier looking than most composite cables I've seen.

S-video Cable - Typical S-vid to S-vid cable. Looks kind of cheesy and thin.

75 ohm RF cable. Looks inferior too.

All cables look to be standard 6' lengths.

Phone cord - 25'? I dunno, I didn't unroll it.
Thanks for the reply and the good info. It looks like it comes with all the cables except a DVI. Is that something that is unique to different brands or is it a standard cable? :D [/u][/i][/b]

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