811 & OTA channel loss


Takaga Ito

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Jun 16, 2006
I've begun to notice that my 811 will frequently lose an OTA channel identifier and replace it with another. What happens then is that I will inadvertently click on the replacement channel and the system will reboot, causing transponder checks, program guide downloads, etc.

Here's exactly what happens: I enter a new dtv channel by clicking in the station's OTA dtv channel number. In this case, I enter ch. 35. The screen immeditaely recognizes the 35 as the local dtv signal for ch. 36 and will give me 36-01 (D) with the station's correct call sign. The program guide will then include the 36-1 for a while. Sometime later, perhaps days, the 36-1 will switch to 35-1. If I don't catch the error and click 35-1, the system then locks up and reboots.

Is this a current problem with the newest 811 software? I've had this unit since the fall of 2004 and never had this happen.


Jul 7, 2004
My 811 was acting up big time. My diplexer got water in it and fried so I replaced it and the 811 seemed like the sat. signal was bad but other receivers were fine. I kept doing a power button reboot and reconnecting the diplexer until finally I unplugged the receiver a while then plugged it back in. It seems better but not without it's quirks.

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