811 patch not till end of MAY! or LATER!

The dark picture on the 811 SD outputs cannot be fixed in software, it is a hardware problem. It will be tweaked in the next release but not fixed. Thats one of the reasons it is taking so long to get that release out. Remember it was supposed to be fixed in 255.
I will not state how I know this so you can jump on me for rumor mongering if you want, but we will see what happens. What will be interesting is to see is if dish fixes the hardware and/or offers to replace units.
That cinches it for me then... While I still have some of my 30 days left I'm going to have my 811 returned, my $200 refunded, and my year long HD contract nullified!!!!

There's simply no way I can live with my brightness turned up to 100% just to see some background detail, only to desaturate the picture! There's simply no excuse for that hardware f-up! And I don't want some software hack to simply turn up the brightness for me!!! That won't fix the picture quality issues :mad: .
babakanoosh said:
The dark picture on the 811 SD outputs cannot be fixed in software, it is a hardware problem.

I have no insider information but also believe this is a hardware problem. Have believed this since day 1 with my 811, installed in December. Dish maintain it will be fixed in P266. Let's see.

I am confident Dish can play around with the scaler and DAC parameters to brighten up the image, but I predict it will still have poor dynamic range. I am ready for P266, LOL. Dish can expect a phone call from me about 1 minute after I get the download.

The only reason I am hedging even a little is because I have worked with tricky scaler chips (e.g. Genesis Microchip gm6015). The chip registers have poor documentation and even the manufacturers aren't sure how the chips work.

I can make some adjustments to the black level and Colour settings on my Pioneer 630 but the OTA 49% bug is driving me looney. One day the 811 will lock and the next it will not. The signal strength for most of my stations runs between 75 and 85 %. The fact that the 811 will show me the signal strength and not lock or lock and show no picture or sound is what gets under my skin --err-- the menu might be my second biggest complaint. Hey Scott, any news on these being fixed?
In case anyone is interested, if you want to get out of your 811 contract, here's what I had to go through. Called E* customer support and explained that I want my $200 back and my HD contract nullified. He had to forward me to the "executive offices". That person was hesitant to help, but after I explained to him all the problems with the 811, he offered to cancel my HD subscription, and to swap the 811 for a 4200 (my original unit) at no cost. Then when they get back my ailing 5 yr old 4200 and the 811 from me, they'll credit my account $200.00.

HOWEVER, in order to get this transaction into the system, he had to sign me up for a $5.00/month warranty on the new 4200 since my old one is past the warranty period (1 year!):rolleyes:. But after I complained about that, he said I could simply call up after all the units have been exchanged and cancel the warranty. Whatever...

So I'll go back to using my trusty Zenith HDV420 until the 811 actually works properly, or until I get fed up and go over to D* :mad: .

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