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Nov 20, 2003
So did we ever determine what the real price of the 811 is for existing customers? Is it $299, or $399, or $499? I signed up for the HD pak for 1 year so my superdish install should be free whenever that's needed. Charlie's chats have been putting out a lot of misinformation lately. No wonder they had a bad quarter. I wouldn't invest in this company after seeing how misinformed the CSR's are and how often their products are delayed, not to mention the bugs in them when they do arrive. I haven't had that problem, but I've read enough about them. The whole 6000 stuttering problem and some CSRs claiming there was no problem and others acknowledging it really tourqued me off.
The 811 is promised to dealers Dec.1st or later so like us you will have to wait till we can get our hands on the product, then we will know the REAL price. Charlies last chat was $499 but who knows.

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