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Mar 20, 2005
I am seeing a pattern of green artifacts throughout my TV screen when watching any programming from the 811 through a DVI output. When I switch my TV to watch the same programming through S-Video , it's gone. Here's a shot of the artifacts on DVI (SEE ATTACHED IMAGE #1)

I know that it is a 811 problem because when I hit the guide button, the guide comes up and the green artifacts disappear. Everything is then normal (i.e. not a TV or DVI cable problem). (SEE ATTACHED IMAGE #2)

Also, from the guide, when I select a channel and it comes up with the normal transparent header guide info, the picture is perfect (SEE ATTACHED IMAGE #3), but when the header disappears the artifacts are back (SEE ATTACHED IMAGE #4)

Sorry the pics suck! My digital camera is also giving me troubles...

High Def March Madness sucks with little green rectangles on the court! Please Help! :(


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Mar 20, 2005
Problem solved!

This is evidentally a bug with 811. I also posted on DBStalk and was told just a reboot will solve it, which it did! I was unaware of this problem...



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Jan 25, 2004
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get on the phone with dish and start complaining. if it is not simple fix (some with experince might be able to help) and your unit is still under warrenty, you might get a new one.

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