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Jan 3, 2004
Overall, pretty happy with my 811. After reading the current threads on the 322/522 software I am starting to wonder if my 811 is not downloading the program guide as it should. Seems like about once every 24-36 hours when I try to change channels it will download the guide information. A pretty annoying 2-3 minutes. I get the impression that it never downloads this info in the middle of the night. I have enabled the software download option. Not sure if this applies to the program guide. Both my 322's and my 522 always seem to have current guide info.

So, any input on this? Should my 811 be downloading automatically each night?

When you mention the software download option, I assume you mean the menu choice for downloading software either with or without permission. This refers to the receiver operating system software and not the program guide. The program guide is regularly updated throughout the day to provide 44 hours of guide info. The 811 currently has problems with this resulting in the 2 -3 minute delay. Prior to the version 264 software update, there was only a few hours of program guide available with the model 811.
Yes thats all good but thats not the way it is suppose to work. The guide downloads program info way too often. And it never downloads then guide at night when every other receiver I have had has.
Yes, it seems like the first time that I turn my 811 on that day (usually late afternoon, early evening), it needs to download program info. It would be nice if it happened over night.

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