811 smart card (or card-less) question


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Sep 7, 2003
Ok, I know that this receiver does not use a smart card like the 6000 does.
So I'm curious as to how would DISH handle a replacement of a 6000 with an 811? Do they take the smart card number from the 6000 and program that number into the 811? Or do they pre-assign a smart card number already to 811 receivers?

silversurfer01973 said:
Doesn't not having a smart card limit them as far as protecting their signal from pirates? How does this work?

they just don't have a separate smartcard. The SMART part of the card is built in to the receiver.
Thru a software upgrade they will be able to use the smartcard slot that is still there.

The REAL problem will be when someone calls for tech support and are told to remove the card. :superlol:
silversurfer01973 said:
Yes but doesn't this limit their options? They can't swap out a card that is built into a receiver.

NOT having a removable smartcard AND new (security) software make the cardless receivers much harder to hack. There are also changes in the way the "security module" is "protected" within the receiver.

The biggest disadvantage of a removable smartcard is that they can be taken out and read with a card reader. The new receivers have all that information WITHIN the receiver and Echostar can change it (with a software download) if the the new software is hacked without resorting to a card swap. The internal design of the receivers make it much harder to hook up devices to read the internal information too.

The new cardless receivers are not hack proof but they go a long way in preventing the "casual hacker" from buying a hacked card from the corner drug dealer (or where ever they come from these days) and stealing service.

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