90cm Dish Restoration

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Nov 24, 2017
So yesterday I picked up a 90 cm dish off craigslist for $20. I need to take the mount off the dish but the bolts are frozen solid. I’ve tried PB Blaster, WD40, and a propane torch. Should I give up? The other parts of the mount came off quickly, but these 4 bolts are very stubborn.
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I’m about to drill through the Bolts. Is that a bad idea?
IMHO idea is not good. Take angle grinder and cutting disc. Cut the nut approximately along the red line. IMG_0346.JPG
Add: And changing rusty bolts is good idea. Replace them by INOX ones.
I wanted it off to properly spray paint it. Of course Ill replace all of the bolts. Its been a real headache disassembling it to this stage. Im kinda scared to use the angle grinder because a close friend got severely injured while using one. I guess I’ll try to grind it off. Hopefully I dont screw it up.
Angle grinder is most universal workshop/garage tool, IMHO again. And it is my favorite tool. Of course, every tool can be dangerous.
There are my angle-grinders and I use them a lot. No accidents by now. IMG_20180516_194814 (Large).jpg

I guess I’ll try to grind it off.
Do not grind it off, just make deep cut till the nut is breaking up.
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I'm with Rima.. Angle grinder is quick and easy. Just have to cut into part of the nut, and if it's a sharp cut a socket can be used to remove it. Take an old bolt to the hardware store and try to find the same type or similar if possible for replacments.
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I have to agree an angle grinder would make short work on those bolts.
Any power tool can be dangerous, even that drill you want to use!
Just use the proper safety precautions and use common sense.
I think I’ll just let it be. Whenever I try to turn the bolt the whole bolt turns. When I try to put the screwdriver in to stop it from turning it just falls out. So, I shouldn’t grind in the middle? Just on the edge?

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Use the grinder on the nut to essentially split it ,then a few taps with a hammer should set you free.if you try grinding the screw head you'll likely wind up grinding in to the dish.A little grind in to the bracket won't really hurt anything.
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