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Charles Lapple

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Sep 14, 2003
Dish has been selling the 34" direct view and the 40" RPTV for some time. I have not seen any reports on the customer satisfaction, with these units. Does anyone actually have either of these and are you happy with it?

I don't need this; but my daughters big TV died and she is looking for a replacement. I'm wondering of I should recommend this deal?

Since I recently paid $999 for my 921 the price is right. :(
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Oct 27, 2004
34" RCA

I have the 34" RCA. I bought a floor model at Sam's CLub for $1000 right before Dish started selling them. I have been very happy with it. The picture is great and it has some good features and options. I use the DVI input with my 811. One feature that is really cool is that the TV can detect the input source you are using and switch to that input automatically. For instance if I push the vcr button on my 811 remote the tv will switch right over to the vcr input.

Sound is also good because it has a built in subwoofer.

I've had no problems with it and I have had it about 9 months. It is a heavy SOB but i'm sure you could have guessed that.


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Nov 23, 2004
Footprint of the 34" HDTV

Does anyone know what the length and width of the footprint of the 34" HDTV that Dish is offering. I have ordered the TV and need to know if the stand I have is big enough. I know the TV itself is 39.25 wide x 24.5 deep.
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