921 less than 800?

Also interesting that the feedback is private... First time I have seen someone with private feedback. Makes you wonder what they are hiding...
Seems a bit suspicious to me there are three versions of the same auction, private feedback, and few transactions, although someone could have left feedback that he may have felt that was not deserved because some people can be hard to deal with.
That buy it now price is even below my cost, and no dealer in their fricken right mind would be out lowballing these on ebay with the demand so high.

One of three things are possible...

#1 Its stolen

#2 Buyers Remorse and now he needs the money

#3 There is something wrong with the unit.
Looks like "Smurray555" bought it for $1050. Maybe we should check with him in a couple of weeks and see what he says :rolleyes:
ranny said:
Very possible & happening now!!
You people paying a $1000 for 921's will be kicking yourself very very hard.
I see them at $400-$600 New on Ebay by Oct.

It aint gonna happen anytime soon! The demand is too high!

The price is not going to drop until something better comes out, but even at that look at the 6000's even the used ones are holding close to their MSRP value!
Heehaw seller is "no longer registered"... If the deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. Almost feel sorry for the buyers who got rooked.

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