921's on Ebay

For anything that is in short supply, there are always people out there who will try and capitilize on the rareness of the product. Remember Furbies? There were people in Mass trying (and succeeding I would think) to sell them for over $100 when they were popular. Of course now they are now worth $5 at most.

There were other items also: Remember Tickle Me Elmo? How about Cabbage Patch Kids?

Yes of course all these items were toys and parents who had to always give their kids exactly what they wanted drove the prices up, but the rareness is what drives prices up.

Oh god did I hate furbies.....I worked at a Wal-mart in receiving the year they first came out....what a nightmare....

I noticed in his auction it says "I have them in stock", yet 2 of his customers said he didnt have them in stock and had to wait a week.
My son rediscovered his furby recently. I want to strangle it.

No, really, this thing is going to drive me insane. I need help!!!!!!!!
SpenceJT said:
...that word would be "Sodomy"! :shocked

LOL! Agreed.
Can you imagine paying $1400 for something that has about a 50% chance of being bugged (like many of the current units out there) and DishNetwork not honoring warranty since it was purchased from an independent seller? OMFG I would be so friggin' pissed I couldn't see straight!
$925 shipped 2nd week of February from a retailer on eBay. Of course, I paid for it in full last October. That probably wasn't a great idea... boy am I relieved that worked out. :D

Now, if it would just stop rebooting once a day. Oy.

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