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Oct 5, 2019
Through the years I've had more times than I can remember when, after fighting with setting up the dish I discovered some kind of coax issue. Last night, I battled for an hour or so before I decided to run check switch. I don't have an expensive meter, so I depend on the receiver when aiming the dish. It sat there a long time and then reported "1 of 38." When I saw that I knew that the receiver wasn't seeing the LNBs.

I started through each connection, checking for a broken center connector (have had that before) or just a loose connection. Traced it back to the rear of the receiver where I found that the connector wasn't tight. After bouncing down the road in the motorhome all day I'm not surprised at anything that has moved or loosened!

Anyway, I ran check switch again and in just a few seconds it was checking 1 of 4. I canceled the check switch and went out and finished aiming the dish.

I don't think I'll run check switch every time I set up, but if everything else looks right and there's still no signal it might be wise to stop pulling your hair out and run check switch - no need to let it finish, just long enough to be sure it is seeing the LNB's.
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