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Supporting Founder
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Sep 9, 2003
Right now it is called the HD OTA forum. many of the requests have nothing to do with HD they deal with reception of ant NTSC or ATSC signal. Why not drop the HD part of the title?

I iknow this is not the world's biggest problem I bring it up only because someone asked me about why i posted about an SD subchannel in an HD forum. So if it is wrong to do that let me know. But I think this is just a case of adding the word HD when it is not needed.
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Feb 14, 2004
Germantown OH
How 'bout just "OTA (antenna) Reception, analog, digital, HD" ? Kinda long though...

Hell, even AVS uses "HDTV" in their names. The "coupon-eligible" sub-forum, which implies NO HD anyway, is under their "HDTV Technical" forum.
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SatelliteGuys Master
Sep 22, 2005
L.A., Calif.
"Digital OTA Forum" ?

Yes, I think it'd be a good idea, too.
And maybe then transfer all CECB threads and reviews there, as well.
Dish/Echostar DTVpal discussions included.
We don't currently have enough traffic on CECBs to warrant their own section, but if we did, then maybe a subforum under OTA would be good for them.

And of course, any future discussion of the TR50 (should it ever appear) would properly belong there, likewise.
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