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Jul 8, 2006
I'm in Alaska and it's been literally like pulling teeth to switch over from dishnetwork to direct. A friend told me about their current promo and I wanted to jump all over it. To condense literally three weeks of phone calls (2 days of which were 2.5 and 3 hours on the phone per day), the short story is that every time I call I get a different response. I went from "sure you're all set, an installer will contact you" to "your zipcode can't receive directtv so we cancelled your order" (my friend has it and is in the identical zip code), to "Oh, that was wrong you CAN get it there" to "we can't give you a new order because you have a cancelled one in our system" (they incorrectly cancelled it) to "I know how to fix this, now you're all set and an installer will call you in 3 days"...That was 10 days ago. I refuse to call again. My other local friend has gone through the exact same merry-go round.

On the website, when you enter an Alaskan zip, it flashes an alert message that says Alaska residents call 1-877-897-8131. I've gone through that process literally 25-30 times. They are completely screwed up there. Most of the time when I call the "Alaska Number", the customer service person starts signing me up and then says "oh you're in Alaska?? You have to call the Alaska Number!".....Very frustrating since they are the ones who answered the phone at the "Alaska Number" I went throught that merry go round with 4 people in a row on one day....I told the 4th one "if you try to transfer me to the Alaska Number right now, I'm hanging up...get me a supervisor". One supervisor tells me my zip is able to get direct tv and I should have no problems the next supervisor tells me the only zips in my area that can get it are "blah blah blah" I've lived here my whole life and never heard of any of those zip codes nor has anyone else I've talked to. It's a complete cluster *&%


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Jul 11, 2006
Long Island, NY
Here is an EXCELLENT phone number for DirecTV - I can almost guarantee you that people at this number will get you properly hooked up.


Post back with how you make out. Good luck up there!
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