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Sean Mota

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Sep 8, 2003
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ABC-HD: Meet the Parents

I am watching now but I am seeing a blinking shadow in the picture. Wonder if you are watching it and seeing the same thing?
Sean Mota said:
I am watching now but I am seeing a blinking shadow in the picture. Wonder if you are watching it and seeing the same thing?
Note I tried watching in NY from the WABC-dt ota feed, and gave up. Regular blink pattern every few seconds.
ABC-HD: The Wonderful World of Disney: A Bug's Life tonight at 8pm Easter!

I really hope my local ABC will pass the feed in HD and don't show problems. This movie looked real good in DVD so I can imagine that it will be awesome in HD!!!

A Bug's Life, another box-office hit by the producers of Toy Story, tells the story of Flik (Dave Foley), the smartest ant in his colony. Flik invents a device to harvest grain faster so the colony can build a mountain of food as an offering to a tyrannical band of grasshoppers. Unfortunately Flik spills the offering and Hopper (two-time Oscar-winner Kevin Spacey), the leader of the grasshoppers, makes his great displeasure known — and promises grave consequences if the offering is not restored. Flik apologizes to the Queen (Phyllis Diller) and is encouraged by Princess Atta (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) and Mr. Soil (Roddy McDowall), then sets out on a journey with a plan to hire mercenaries to defend the colony against the grasshoppers. Alas, the nine bugs he hires — believing they are fierce warriors — are actually
ABC-HD Alert:Monday Movie of the Week: Armageddon 8pm Eastern

New York City experiences a "minor" but devastating asteroid shower, the Earth is in for a real shock, as a Texas-sized asteroid hurtles toward the planet for a collision that would kill every living thing — plant and animal. The world's leading deep-core oil driller, Harry Stamper (Bruce Willis), is called on to lead two teams on an emergency shuttle mission that will fly to the asteroid to plant a nuclear device at its core. Directing NASA's last-ditch effort is Dan Truman (Billy Bob Thornton). Stamper's daughter, Grace (Liv Tyler), must stay behind as her father and the man she loves (Ben Affleck) embark on their desperate mission to save mankind. The 1998 film was directed by Michael Bay. The screenplay was written by Jonathan Hensleigh and Jeffrey Abrams, from a story by Hensleigh and Robert Roy Pool. This film carries a TV-14, L,V parental guideline. Due to sensitivities surrounding current events and some violent content, viewer discretion is advised.
ABC-HD Alert: Movie of the Week "Gladiator" HDTV/5.1 , 2/2 8:00pm-11:00pm

Excellent movie. It has been shown before on ABC was not able to watch it. I believe Show-HD has shown it in its OAR. I do not know if ABC will do same.
I love this movie but they butchered it editing it for TV :mad: . I want the blood, the violence... I want the movie in its entirety... on a side note the picture quality was good :D
It actually highlights the value of OAR, or at least all the panoramic CGI & minature work of the city.

The Lion King looks fantastic! David Bott from avs posted the following: “The Special Edition of the Lion King will air this Saturday, February 7th, in HDTV and in 5.1 surround. Please note, however, the film is being shown in its original aspect ratio, 1.66:1. This will appear somewhat “pillar boxed” on 16:9 HDTV monitors. “
ABC-HD Alert: Monday Movie of the Week "The Fast and the Furious" HDTV/5.1, 8:00PM

It should be a fast action good movie...

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