ABC-HD NFL WildCard Playoff Games Today!!

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Sep 8, 2003
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NFL - AFC Tennessee Titans @ Baltimore Ravens, 4:30pm
NFC Wild Card Game Dallas Cowboys @ Carolina Panthers at 8:00 pm
Pre-game is on but do not understand why not do it in HD if they have the cameras and equipment there already. The SD feed looks fantastic, though.
Do you automatically get network HD channels thru Voom as part of their package? Or do you get these channels OTA?
It looks like ESPN is producing this game and no one is getting DD5.1 sound. The second game will have DD5.1 sound.

From AVSforum as per KenH:

For those who are getting the 5.1 lamp lit, and only getting main L/R audio, try setting your DTV receiver to output PCM audio (if it can), then you can use Pro Logic processing. The last resort is to use analog L/R audio, which can also be processed with Pro Logic.
Here is more about the sound... for a solution read the above post.

There is NO audio coming from the network for the center channel, LFE, or surround channels. Your local station should not have their Dolby encoder in the 5.1 channel mode. ABC sent us a notification yesterday that this game would be in STEREO not 5.1. The notification said nothing about Circle Surround. The second game is supposed to be in 5.1 per ABC.
I tried that suggestion on my receiver and it worked. Also, in this game I think we are getting HD shots from above. If this is true, this is the first time I seen it.
McNair ----Geee. Why go for everything and not pick up the first down. Result --> Interception and Ravens could win the game now. Geee...What a game!
Do you have a receiver decoder that decodes DD5.1? If you do, do you have the sound connected from the VOOM box to the the receiver through the digital sound connection?
No, I haven't had one drop of sound or video yet.
During commercials check you signal strength for this channel.

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