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Aug 10, 2005
Hi... I read all the stuff about the new lease program... I've read a fair amount of stuff about the one day to be released new MPEG-4 compatible HD-DVR... All in all, it's fairly confusing... My wife and I have one room with a current version of the HD_DVR-HR10-250 (MPEG-2 only) and a second room with just a basic D10 receiver. We would like to upgrade that second room to an HD-DVR as well... One obvious piece of advice would be to wait until the MPEG-4 compatible receiver comes out. But I hear rumors of when that might come out being from this summer to the end of this year to who knows?? I'm not sure I want to wait... Even D* sort of hinted to me that perhaps I should wait but again, till when??? If I pay the $499 now for that upgraded receiver, I know that I won't be able to get HD-Locals as they are only being broadcast in MPEG-4 I am told... But what about other HD channels that I currently get in HD??? Like TNT?? Will D* be switching it over soon or years from now or never??? In other words, are HD-Locals the only things being broadcast in MPEG-4 currently or for the forseeable future?? Or will all HD channels be moving there soon??? And are the HD-Locals the only reason folks would move from the 3 LNB dish (what I currently have) to the new 5 LNB version??? I asked D* if they yet had a policy for what they were going to offer to folks with respect to upgrading once the MPEG-4 HD-DVR box comes out and their answer was NO, no policy yet... Another reason to wait, I know but till when??? I'm not stating my question all too well because all this is a bit much.. Transition from buy to lease... Transistion from MPEG-2 to MPEG-4... And me wanting to upgrade in the midst of it all... Any thoughts???? Any input would be appreciated... thanks... diitto...


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Sep 14, 2005
I still have the Triple LNB dish too (paired up with the new H20 receiver though).

From all things posted here, it appears that D* will have national HD programming in 2007 that will require the 5LNB dish. If you can get your locals OTA, then you should be o.k. with the 3LNB for now. Even after the DVR update mid-year (with its OTA) you should be o.k. until they really roll out National channels in MPEG4 next year.


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Jan 4, 2006
i have the same questions and concerns. i'm truly lost on this subject. i have a feeling we are going to get screwed in some manner by D*
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