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Sep 4, 2007
If memory serves me, they were making actuators for hospital beds as well. Hopefully, they will continue to make them for the satellite industry, especially since there's a market for actuators for the commercial market.
Just gave two brand new ones away, not sure if they were 18 or 24 inch. Hey Bruno what were they?
I liked the JGS 1 best, they had no rust water issues, but was a wee noisy


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Dec 24, 2016
they are 24" VonWeise with optical sensors :). I have one of them mounted on my 10' Quadstar in replacement of the JGS that was getting very noisy. I'm using the optical sensor for now. Standing next to it, you barely hear it move the dish. Amazing!

I will try to mount the other one on the Ku dish. I also need to figure out how to convert to Reed sensor if it becomes necessary.

Thanks again Gary!


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Aug 2, 2009
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I just ordered a Venture actuator. The standard order has a split clamp (2 halves) for $200+shipping but if you want the single piece heavy duty clamp it'll cost you an additional $50. I prefer the single piece clamp instead of those ridiculous (IMHO) split clamps. FYI, the part number with the heavy duty clamp is MA-834118341-24 while the split clamp is MA-810-24.
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