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Sep 16, 2011
Here will be some very stupid questions from a clueless electronic user!

I have a Directv HD reciever we had installed about a year ago. No 'fancy' add-ons, just the basic receiver, It is hooked up to an RCA HD tv.

Now, I wish to use a DVR to record programming that airs while we are not around. Something simple to use, so anyone here in the house can use.

I have been considering a Magnavox 513 or a 515 DVR/DVD recorder. They are listed for about $170 for a refurbished unit, to almost $300 for a brand new one. I like the idea of a quick record onto the HDD, and then the ability to dub to DVD later.

So far, this is what I know about it: It wont record in HD, just SD. Does this mean it wont 'recognize' the HD signal? or just 'downgrade' the quality for recording purposes? Playback of pre recorded HD DVDs are supposed to be in HD though.

I know it's a 'tuner included' recorder, 99% of it's use will have the channel pre selected and the 'record' feature will be manually ran. (meaning: the tuner isn't really necessary for me) Basically, I only need it to record "what the tv is seeing"

The reason for a DVR, is to help keep the costs of burning DVDs down, until I have a definite "keeper". It is supposed to have almost 387 hours memory in the long play mode... probably less than 100 hours in the HQ. And when time allows, editing/burning off of the HDD to the DVD for freeing up the space on the HDD.

I was looking for a non subscription type recorder, and the Magnavox came up on my search. I thought I would ask here to see if anyone has any other suggestions for what might be available?

anyone have a diagram to hook this up so my TV will still get HD, and the best signal to the recorder? Right now, am running HDMI cable from sat box to TV.
Thanks for you patience and any help/advice!!
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