Program records...then says will delete in 2 days????

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Nov 17, 2003
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I noticed this yesterday on a couple of my shows I record (I have Directv stream) right after it records I get a notice that it will delete the show in 2 days
This just started yesterday and is not on all shows...just random

I record a news program at 9am on our "local" ABC (we do not have an ABC in Mankato so we get Minneapolis ABC) and on Little House from Cozi 2 of the shows say "Expiring in 2 days" yet the other 2 episodes do not.

The only other item that is going to leave in 7 days is a program that has been on the "cloud" since 8/21 (so 9 months which is right)

Anybody else see this happening?


So today’s episodes recorded and now it doesn’t say deleting. The news showed that it would be deleted until today’s show completed. Same with Little House. 2 of yesterdays 4 episodes said deleting in 2 days but now it doesn’t.
In the past, there was a copy that was available for 24-72 hours that was an exact copy and did not let you fast forward. If it was a 1 hour recording, it would be 1 hour. Then the on demand version would be available after that. That was a shorter version with the ads removed and whatever ads they wanted to insert. You could normally FF during the show but not the ads.

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