D11 outage 2/27/2024 (Resolved on 2/28)


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As of about 3am (EST) on 2/27/2024 DirecTV Satellite D11 at 99W is off the air. This includes roughly 84 National channels and hundreds of local channels on spot beams. Internet connected Genies are using the Signalsaver feature to switch to streaming versions of those channels, but not all locals have streaming versions.
Could this explain why my Gemini abruptly went to a black screen just before 1am? I had it on Weather Channel/362 though, which is actually on D10, not D11. Weird.
I'm actually Glad to hear this ...
I woke up this morning and have a 771 error message.
Checked all connections ... nothing blocking the dish ...
Checked the Signal Strength, all excellent ...

System keeps going to the Streaming side of things, I was wondering if I had a bad LNB or PI ...

Glad you posted, keeps me from further investigating.
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I thought the same thing. It snowed a bit here and all my signal strengths were all good except 99(cb). I cleared the snow and no change. Damn, LNB must be bad.

Came here and saw your post… Phew, not just me.
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So glad I found this post regarding the outage. I had been holding on the DirecTV customer service line for almost one hour, listening to a recording of 2 "pigeons" "Bobby" and "Frank" playing over and over while I waited. They were promoting DirecTV Stream instead of satellite, which I find interesting since I was calling the satellite help line. It appears that DirecTV has finally given up on satellite.

So, I'll now wait for further updates and hope for a quick resolution.
That happened years ago when they announced they would no longer be building/launching new Satellites.

Technology is fickle, I wonder what will happen if this cannot be fixed, T11 is 16 years old.

The solution is already there, move everyone to streaming for whatever channels get left off any shuffling they do of channels.

Biggest issue is poor bandwidth for some people and DVR currently not recording from streaming (they should be able to fix that but I wouldn't want the one were you can't skip commercials).
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I suspect in the worst possible scenario they remove SD duplicates of the affected channels on 101 and replace them with their HD counterparts. This would involve getting rid of the SD local channels of markets first, though. This is definitely a huge fiasco.
No it’s on 99cb unless it just moved to 103, some people on Twitter/X were complaining
AFAIK channel 212 NFL has been on 103 forever. Unless, of course, I am not remembering correctly.

In any case, tell your coworker to tune to NFL in SD.

(EDIT): NFL is on 99. I was confusing it with NHLN on 215, which is on satellite 103.
Some RSNs are also on D11, including Spectrum Sportsnet LA (690). Shohei Ohtani makes his LA Dodgers debut in Spring Training today so those in LA with DTV Satellite might miss it