Adding Motor Positions with Channel Master

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Dec 30, 2004
A question about this was somewhere in the middle of a long thread about Channel Master.

Yes, you can add more motor positions on a Pansat 2500A using Channel Master.
I just did it... changing the setting for G-3C from #49 to #1.

Here's how I did it... write your channel list to Channel Master, right click on the satellite you want to change on the list on the left-hand side, when the menu comes up, click on properties.

On the properties box, at the upper right corner under "positioner" there's a space for "pos. no."... in that box change the number (in my case from 49 to 1)

Then send the channel list back to the Pansat. Go into installation, find the satellite you changed, and it should have the new number for the 1.2 setting under positioner setting. You will probably have to "find the satellite" again, but once you do it keeps the position.

It looks funny to see on the screen "current position #1"... but it's working!

Iceberg, thanks for the thread on Channel Master... I've been messing around with it all week!


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Oct 19, 2004
Thanks for letting us know how to use channel master for doing this jh98 :-D
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