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Jan 28, 2023
Hey fellow satellite aficionados! You won't believe the gem I stumbled upon this past Friday. I took a road trip from New York to Massachusetts, all to snag a satellite dish I found on Facebook Marketplace for a mere $20. At that point, I didn't even know the brand; all I knew was that it was the type of dish I needed for free-to-air (FTA) TV.

When I arrived at the seller's location, I was in for a pleasant surprise. Not one, but two dishes were set aside for me. And get this—they were both Channel Master dishes, made right here in the USA! These beauties had been wall-mounted for at least 35 years, and there wasn't a speck of rust on them. Talk about American manufacturing prowess!

Now, here's where I need some expert advice. The mount for these dishes is top-mounted, which makes adding a motor a bit of a challenge. I'm considering fabricating a custom mount, but I'm open to suggestions.

Another thing I'm curious about is the impact of dish size on channel reception. I currently have a 90 cm GeoSat dish, but one of these new finds is 20 cm larger. Do you think that extra 20 cm will make a noticeable difference in channel acquisition?

Oh, and before I forget, the total investment for this haul was $52. That includes the $20 for the dish and $32 for gas. Plus, I got an LNB with the Ku-band dish, and it works like a charm!

Lastly, I've got this extra dish now, and I'm all ears for creative ideas on what to do with it.


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ILoveSats Nice catch, congratulations! Channel Master also has the polar-mount for antennas up to 1.2m. But, in your case, if you wish this antenna to be installed on Diseqc motor, then, yes, you will need to fabricate something, as there is no ready solution available.
This is what I used for my CM 1.2m. That's an SG2100 motor. Ran just fine for several years before I moved to a new home. Those are grounding clamps for pipes and angle steel. Some drilling was required to get the holes to line up with the bolts. Not pretty but it did the job.