Advice needed on upcoming 622 install


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Jan 3, 2004
I am upgrading an 811 to a 622. I plan to keep an existing 522 and 322 on the same dish, which should be a dish 1000 (located on the Central Coast of CA).

Am I correct in assuming that my Dish 1000 will be installed with a DPP44 and a DPP separator for the 622?

Even though I have dual coax cables to both dual tuners, should I expect the installer to arrive with and supply DPP separators for the existing 522 and 322?

My understanding is that I can get a maximum of 4 coax cables out of one DPP 44.
I suppose that I could get by with 2 single feeds to 2 DPP separators (622 and 522) and one dual coax feed to 322.

Is there any need or even a possiblilty that I can expect the installer to arrive with all the needed separators, or should I just buy one DPP separator prior to the install.

Thanks for any input.


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