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Sep 30, 2009
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Hey hobbyists...

Have a chance to acquire a 10 ft. wineguard perf. dish, GI 920 4dtv and pansat hd 9200 receivers. Have never strayed away from my pizza pan dish network, so was wondering if there were enough interesting channels to be grabbed by the above equip. to make it all worthwhile? I realize this all probably comes down to personal preference, but I would most be interested in English channels, HD content, raw feeds from networks, and local channels from around the country so that I might see some NFL games with teams that aren't being televised in my area. My suspicion from what I've heard is that many channels like these have now been scrambled and gone by the wayside (?)

Since there is no one in my neighborhood with this kind of thing that I could take a look at, any thoughts out there to help with my decision-making would be appreciated - Thanks! (BTW I'm in Pennsylvania).


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Aug 2, 2009
There is still a lot of ITC stuff up there. I have over 200 C-band channels programmed into my DVB receiver but some of them may be scrambled (they're ITC on occasion). 4DTV still has something to offer but most of it are scrambled channels but sometimes the DCII stuff is ITC - there are some sports feeds on analog C-band, also. And, of course, there's more stuff you can get by adding Ku-band. However, if you want to reliably view programs you'll have to do to cable, DishNet, DirecTV or get a 4DTV subscription.


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Sep 8, 2008
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I get all my programming from an Antenna and a FTA dish array. Two C band dishes, and a bunch of Ku. If you live in a town, a motorized dish will give you lots of birds to choose from.
A 10' Winegard is a good dish, go for it.
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