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Jul 15, 2014
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We had power failure and electrical storm. I turned on my satellite system, and turned to a channel, and nothing came up. Took me a minute to notice that the ASC1 was showing "Blockage/Limit Reached". Come to find out, no matter what satellite i choose, it wanted to move my dish past the limit. I had to reset the satellite positions, and starting at 135, ran east, and set all the satellite positions east to 87w. I'll do the Eastern satellite later, as those are more of a pain.

Hey, Titanium, can i save my positions and reload them into the system??

Another problem I'm having, is i cannot seem to Grab vertical channels on a fixed dish. Ugh. Now, i gotta figure out whats going on there.
Hey, Titanium, can i save my positions and reload them into the system??
So that is one of the best features of the ASC1. The ability to totally customize your satellite list, names and positions, and save it. You can make changes to the list and upload it to the ASC1. With an H to H motor that has a constant number of counts per degree you can calculate the positions and make up your satellite list, then upload to the ASCI. No manual programming needed. ;)
Ill need directions on how to do that...

I got my Verticals back.. The dish got rattled, and i had to find the sweet spot again.
Sounds like the power was intermittent while restoring. The power was probably interrupted while the ASC1 was rebooting and the reference 0000 position was corrupted. Simple to fix. Perform a Global Resync instead of reprogramming each satellite position.

From the ASC1 manual on page 8:

Positioner Count Reset – Resynchronize Global Shift

1. Drive to the position that is to be the new 0000 position.
2. Select Reset Position and press OK.
3. Press OK a second time within 3 seconds to confirm that you wish to reset the Positioner Count to 0000.
4. SAT Position Reset! Prompt will display.

Hint: If all satellite positions need to be shifted the same number of counts, determine how many counts to offset from the current position. Drive the positioner to 0000 then drive East or West the additional number of counts required to shift then resync using the Reset Position function. Simply perform steps 1 – 4 to re-synchronize a global shift of all satellite positions.
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