After 'turning on' Web-access of DVR...


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Jun 7, 2009
Milford, CT
I noticed something interesting. It could be coincidence, so I will ask if others have seen it too.

Ever since I did the 'one-time approval' for my DVR to be accessed through CV's web-access, the DVR has done some strange things.

First, every now and then, it separates one recorded program into two programs. The first part knows that it is only the beginning and the second part knows that it is the end. It has happened five times in two weeks.

Second, the DVR seems to be more sluggish when responding to the remote. It happens sporadically. You might be scrolling-right through stuff that could be recorded when it will stop for 10 seconds (right in the middle of a daytime lineup).

Third, I am occasionally getting 'server issues' when I try to access my DVR through the online.

... If anyone else is getting these issues, I would appreciate hearing from them.

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