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Apr 15, 2004
If I take a transet home from work to find the best location for the dish what would be the setting translated to?

Az - 224
Elev - 40
Tilt - 59

The Az is the same but the elevation and tilt throws in a different problem. If I understand, the tilt does NOT translate to true 40 degrees elevation and the tilt I understand has to do with the equator <sp>.

According to your dish pointing values, you are just N of Richmond VA near Glen Allen. (Or thereabouts)

The best way to point your dish is to get a compass. Walmart has cheapo ones for 5 or 6 bux.

Stand outside with the compass pointing due S and the S pointer directly over 180'.

Now look (right) to the West to 224' should be almost directly SW. Make sure you have clear line of sight in this direction.(No tall trees or buildings.)

If you are pole mounting the dish, set your pole and make sure that it is plumb. This is kinda important since it affects your pointing. Roof mounting or mounting on the S facing side of a building is a bit easier.

The 59' tilt is adjusted with the 2 bolts and scale on the back of the dish.

Your transit can get you close to the 40' up angle, but may not be needed. There is usually a scale on the adjustment arm slot that will get you close. The center of the bolt is the scale pointer.

That should get you real close. Now slowly move the dish a few degrees at a time until you get a signal lock. You may need to turn up the volume or have someone watch the TV signal until it is at its highest point.

Adjust it up/down/left/right until you get the best signal and tighten everything down.

I mounted my dish on an old car brake drum and just set it on my front porch. I ran an extension cord outside with my IRD and a small TV.

It took about 5 minutes and I had a good signal. I did this while my roof was being replaced. Then I just ran the cable inside to my TV and settled back to watch my DirecTV.

Good luck.
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