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Premieres Monday, January 16, 2012. I am really looking forward to this one.

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Looking forward it. Could use a brain bender show about now.
How is this any different than the "Prison Break" show that was on Fox before? Because you know there is going to be prison escapes to make the drama flow. I lived through the whole prison escapes thing four times in over 17 and a half years working for the state of Texas prison system. I think I'll pass on this show .
Different premise than Prison Break. Takes place in modern times and delves into the history of a prisoner who died decades ago while incarcerated there and is the suspect of a current investigation.

My impression of the preview (but I could be wrong) is that they will have a criminal of the week from Alcatraz's past come forward and they will have to figure out who it is and investigate the criminal's methods from the past to apply to current day to catch them.

Essentially a plot like: Dead hookers showing up with X traits, who in Alcatraz used to do it? Hmm matches the profile of prisoner Y.
How is this any different than the "Prison Break" show that was on Fox before?
Ummm, maybe because in Prison Break hundreds of prisoners didn't vanish 48 years earlier and start to come back. Just a thought.
this looks interesting and im going to give it a chance :)
It has a lot of top notch people behind the production.

Looks "4400"-esque and with JJ Abrams behind it, I'll definitely be checking it out ...
though after watching the trailer in the OP, perhaps I don't need to watch the pilot now. :D
It looks like it will be interesting. I need some new shows to fill up the DVR, hasn't been much new stuff on worth watchin. Hoping for a good interesting new show to look forward to every week.
I usually don't watch LIVE, but I will tonight...or until I fall asleep.:)
Well...I like it, which can only mean that it will be cancelled in May. :( Seriously, the show has a good feel to it and I have some room in my schedule since I lost interest in other shows this season. Anyway, I would have picked a better Detective other than Rebecca Madsen (what's Jack Bauer up to these days)...and Dr. Sota can be killed any second now IMO. Still, I think the show is stronger than the underwhelming duo of Madsen/Sota. Also, I'm not sure why Hauser would involved the SFPD.


P.S. I'm lovin' this Jack Sylvane character!
I watched it a bit delayed, enough so I could skip the ads. Good show, I've set the timer.
I really liked it. At first I did not care for Madsen, but she started to grow on me. Hugo is great.

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