All HD DVRs delayed


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Oct 2, 2003
The Direct HD Tivo for HDTV is now delayed till March-April (it was Jan-Feb). Beta Tests start in Jan-Feb.

The Dish Network 921 is also delayed in that there will only be enough made Avl. for Show Rooms (about 400 will be made in December with about 1-200 being made avl to the public. The rest will be for Show rooms demos so Dish can sell back orders for Jan -Feb installs.

It is looking like the Dish and Direct TV HDTV DVRs will both be out about the same time (with in a 1-2 Months of each other).

Since the Tivo is delayed also- Dishnetwork probably saw the competition slip in its release, so they took more time to hopefully get it right the first time like Tivo does- the cause of there delay?

Dont know which one to get. Waiting is so hard.

The Direct TV looks like it can do so much more and with $49 new customer Regualar Direct Tivos I bet the HDTV version will be Hundreds less than the Dish Network 921.

I wanted something to record HD by Xmas.

If Dish wont give existing customers good deals on new equipment purchased then Direct TV may be the way to go- could save Hundreds and get the 3 Sat Direct TV Sat (like a Super Dish only smaller for free).
ScottChez said:
Dont know which one to get. Waiting is so hard.

Select based on programming (the typical suggestion) *AND* PQ (picture quality). I've heard rumors that DirecTVs HD PQ isn't all that good right now - a Tivo-based recorder is indeed a plus but it doesn't mean much if the picture is crappy.

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