All Radio Shacks to Display 522's by January 22nd

Scott Greczkowski

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Sep 7, 2003
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I have received word that Dish Network will be installing 522's at all RadioShacks and they must have them installed January 22nd.

RadioShack will not be selling 522's however, instead they will be offering the DHP plans already available today.
Kaydigi said:
Chris Freeland said:
Kaydigi said:
Any general Idea when Dish will start selling them w/o the DHP??

February 1, 522 will be available in the DHA Plan. :D

Is that the same plan just renamed :evil:
No, it is the same plan with the new slightly higher programming rates (above AT60) and without the DHP leasing fee. IF x22 equipment is installed and connected to a phone line it is a reduction in cost over the old DHP scheme.

I am having and 811 and a 522 installed in 2 weeks (3 room plan). The monthly rates they sadi will be around $75 for 3 room,top 10 w/ HBO & Cineamax, locals and HD pack. This is DHP plan.
I would rather have a 510 and 301 tho for the 2 rroms instead of a 522, but oh well.
Mboy why don't you do Free Dish instead of the DHP you will have the equipment you want and I can promise you the 510 works better than the 522.
That is interesting how Dish Network will install those receivers at the retail chain stores such as RadioShack but they will not their local retailers. I wonder if they are giving it to them? The local retailers have to pay for theirs. Sounds like unfair treatment to me.

The DHA plan sounds like a better deal for consumers. There are advantages to have two receivers as well as advantages as having one receivers with two tv outputs.

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