Almost ordered the 811 but...


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Dec 11, 2003
I was all jazzed up to buy the 811 then happened to check out the datasheet. There is no coax output to a TV? I only see RCA/phono type connector for baseband video and audio, component on RCA, the DVI connector and the mini-DIN for s-video.

Does the 811 always upsample or can you use it with a regular interlaced TV? If so, what is the cheapest way to generate a signal with video and audio I can send over a single coax cable to a second "cable ready" TV in another room? Don't think my VCR can take baseband in and generate RF out. I am not going to run baseband plus audio cables all over the house. The two TV's are about 120 feet of cable apart (one TV on the first floor, other on the second floor at opposite end of house) and I already have a single coax snaked through the walls for the existing cable TV that I want to dump.

Ideas? I don't want to hassle with a second receiver box and the extra $5/month. But, the 811 is SWEET and I really want it! My area doesn't offer locals so running an OTA antenna to the 811 is what I plan to do. The HD option is attractive as well, for my Barco projector which I use just for movies at night. The 811 seems to have everything I need except for the coax output.

Buy an RF modulator and run one set of RCA into that, then output thru the rf modulator. I'm doing that ing one tv for a backfeed. RF modulator @ Target for $19.95.
Thanks Sparkman. I guess I panicked when I saw the 811 didn't have RF out built in and started to think there was some reason why it wouldn't work.

Now I can order the 811 and check out Target.

Received my 811 today and installed in the place of one of my two Dish 6000's this evening.

So far so good! The menu is fast-fast-FAST! I haven't noticed a darker than usual output to my display, but I've only got it hooked up to my 20" analog television (I'm waiting to replace the 6000 currently on my 65" Mitsubishi with a 921 whenever it hits the marketplace).

I won't waste time in going over the gripes already mentioned on so many other threads as I know that Dish will rectify these with upcoming firmware updates.

The only negative thing that I have noticed is that the audio (analog as this receiver is in a secondary TV room with no additional audio equipment) levels are noticeably lower, resulting in my having to turn the television's volume up beyond what is considered normal. This results in moderatly loud audio when switching to the television's internal tuner.

I hope that this low audio level is corrected via a future firmware update as well.

Now if Dish network can tell me what happened to the appointment that I had scheduled for a December 17th installation of a SuperDish... it seems to have been "lost" :rolleyes:

I sure as hell better not end up getting re-scheduled for March!!! :x If I do, I may have some Dish equipment for sale on eBay! :!:
RF modulator

I bought this one on e-bay... $12.77 and free shipping... works great!




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