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Oct 11, 2003
I have read here in several posts about the aspect ratio on the 6000 and that the 811 does not work. Can someone expand with an explanation on this?

I have a Pioneer service tech coming next week because on 480p DVI output from the 811 it does not cover my screen horizontally. In addition, on 1080i DVI output on HD my picture is so far right there is almost a foot between the left side of picture and left side of screen.

I have a Pioneer 630HD and my questions will help me determine if I really want the tech to readjust my screen. :?
The aspect ratios don't work because they haven't been enabled in the software. There should be a software update coming very soon to fix this. Hopefully it will also fix the off center picture.

You should NOT adjust your TV until the next software upgrade. Otherwise, you might be wasting your time and ending up calling your serviceman back to fix what may not have been needed to be fixed in the first place.

Dish should not have released the 811 until the aspect modes were in place. Your scenario is exactly the reason why Dish should have waited. My 811 picture is off center just as yours is and it sits idle until the next update.
First off the aspect modes on the 6000 do work. There are 5 of them. All 5 modes should be available for the 811 in the next software release. Now if you screen is off center there is a menu option under setup to adjust the position. I don't think there is a need right now to adjust your TV.
volfan615 said:
Now if you screen is off center there is a menu option under setup to adjust the position..

It's not working properly right now. If you center while tuned to an HD channel, an SD channel will not be centered. Additionally, after centering an HD channel, some of the other HD channels may not be centered.
Try hooking up an S-video cable from the 811 to a second input on the 630 and using your component or DVI hookup for watching only the HD channels on the first input. Use the second input for watching the SD channels and the SD picture should stretch nicely with the Pioneer stretch modes.

I had a 811 installed yesterday and am using this setup with my 630 until the software download occurs.
Grumpy, are you the same Grumpy from :?:

Rolltide/Jerry G...... I guess I just lucked out then. I'm just not seeing all of the problems that everyone is reporting. Problems like that must be really agravating to Dish to try to pinpoint.

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