List of 721 L1.16 Fixes and additions.

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Some people asked me what L1.16 fixed. Well here is a list of the fixes. :)

L116 contains:

1. Fix for occasional run away timers

2. Fix for one min only recordings

3. Fix for can not delete recorded event after play back over

4. Fix for can not change channels after play back over

5. Fix for very long channel change time after leaving DP721 on a single channel with no channel change or recordings for a long time.

6. Fix for unit crash after leaving DP721 on a single channel with no channel change or recordings for a very long time

7. Support for "discrete remote on"

8. Fix for "when play back a recorded event if "pause, skip back, pause, pause" play back starts over at the beginning of the event

9. Fix for missing or incorrect weather data for some PA cites

10. Change to allow extension of start and/ or end of a DVR timer to 90 min. Currently 29 min
Don't forget Fix for Disabled Screen Saver.

My RPTV thanks you as the kiddies leave the room sometimes after watching a recorded show (and my 9 yr. old son INSISTS on putting my Sony on the Vivid setting --- you can see it from Mars it's so bright.... I prefer Pro myself). I was always afraid they would burn in the info screen after leaving it own for a while.....

By the way the padded timers worked fine yesterday as I taped NFL Football on both FOX and FOX-W at 1 PM yesterday. Padded them both 90 minutes and they both recorded without a hitch.

ALSO, the weird HBO recording bug was fixed. Whenever I was watching a recorded HBO show the remote response would be sluggish and would occasionally hang for a few seconds. I watched the final episode of K Street I had recorded and the problem was gone.
I have noticed a couple of new problems.

1. During playback, skipping forward several times, skip back once or twice. No audio. Skip back again, audio comes back. (seen it once).

2. Delete a show after watching it, the selected item is the first show in the list, not the closest item to the one deleted. It sucks to scroll all the way to the bottom after watching a show when you have 75 hours recorded.

Things that still happen.

If you change channels then hit the recall to go back to the previous, the time in the lower right corner of the top banner will be blank. Hit recall again and the time may be there. It is kind of random. I think my 721 has always done this.

Something new I wish they would do.

Have some sort of indicator on the screen if the HDD is stopped (asleep).
It also appears they fixed in 1.16 whatever they broke with the search function in 1.15.

Searching from the guide now seems to work.
This may have been a feature in the past, but I just noticed it after the last update.

When trying to record a program "once" and conflicting with two "weekly" recordings, selecting one of the weekly recordings allows to "skip just once" and then resets the program for future weeks recording.

I have always wanted to see this feature, and now I have it. I might have had it before the upgrade, but I am just as happy.


Support for the discrete power on code, mentioned in your list above, is still not working properly. Support for discrete power on and off codes was added to most Dish receivers about a year ago, however, the 721 didn't get this support until release L115. Unfortunately, while the discrete power off code works perfectly, the discrete power on code doesn't. The code currently acts as a power toggle (i.e it turns the receiver on if it's off but turns it off if it's on). There were no changes in this behavior with release L116. I've been in touch with Dish technical support for over a year on getting these codes added and I reported the problem with them when L115 came out. The only response I got was that it would be forwarded on to the appropriate party. It's annoying but only a minor issue since the discrete power off code can put the receiver into a known state. A working discrete power on can be simulated for now for use in macros by following a discrete power off with a power toggle.

Below is the link (courtesy of Remote Central) to discrete power on and off codes for Dish receivers. There are 40 in total (20 power on and 20 power off). Pairs of codes exist for each of a possible 19 addresses plus there is one pair that works regardless of remote address. I believe they work for all Dish receivers with the exception of the original Dishplayer, however, as mentioned above, the 721 currently processes the discrete power on as a power toggle. Hopefully Dish will fix this issue in the next software update.


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