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May 30, 2021
I got the lost signal issue fixed. No blind scans it works fine. So below is my list of satellite on my stab motor. 103 is on a fixed dish does seem like the correct amount of satellite I should get? I'm 50 miles north of Tampa. That's the patient channel the signal seems good. All clear sky no trees etc.

Thanks Clayton


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Jun 16, 2010
Nova Scotia
You're missing 91W and 101W. 91W has a not so strong transponder on 12128 V 8750 with 4 video channels usually showing colour bars. However, occasionally it shows network shows. That's when it's good. It comes in best for me at night. You can aim for the strongest transponder on 11912 V 2000 which has a lot of radio channels.

101W only has radio channels: 11705 V 3650.
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