Amateur Radio Geosync Satellite Activity on 26E


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May 23, 2013
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Ran across this post by TS Reader about amateur ops running video on the new 26E satellite Ku transponder.

"Es’hail-2 at 26 degrees east is a Ku/Ka-band comsat which also has an amateur radio payload with an 8 MHz S-band to Ku-band transponder. Many users are running H.265 video in just 250 k-symbols!"

Activity shown here: QO-100 Wideband Spectrum Monitor


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Jan 23, 2005
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Why can't we use the freq, for 24 GHz uplink and 10 GHz downlink?:rolleyes:

Is this legal under FCC part 97?

Don't we have the resources to do in this country?

Is AMSAT org, have a goal for a geo sat lot's of questions need to be answered.

Amazing that other side of globe now have ham radio geo sat in place. Lucky for them!:bow

Can we do it in our country?:rolleyes:

Most of us remembered first man on the Moon which is almost 50 years ago.:)

We need get our right stuff back in order!!:bow

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