AMC 18 @ 105

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Mar 8, 2009
Western NY , Fredonia
I am haveing a very hard time locking on AMC18. I am not getting a single blip from this one . Does anyone have a good strong fr and sr that mite help me .I am possitve my 7.5 dish is looking right at it , i wonder if it is even possiable to catch this bird with a 7.5 ' . :(

Thanks in advance
it can be recieved with a 7 1/2 footer. I get it with the 6 footer

Issue is all TP's are either DCII or a couple are DVB-S2. I see you have an azbox so that would help lock those S2 feeds on there

What I do is aim for 107.3W and lock a feed there. Then move the dish until the signal leaves. Usually I am very close to 105 then
Good idea Iceberg . I find it fairly accurate to find sats by going to the highest and lowest also . Sense i'm useing the Gbox for my positioner and have my 3500 looped to the azbox .So on the Az box i get a 72% Q on AMC1 103 with 144 clicks on the gbox also 88% on Anik F1 107.3 @ 177 clicks , so when i do the math 105 should be at 160-161 clicks . I'm on lyngsat putting in several fr's and still not a blip i'll keep tyrying , i love a challange .
Just to update , i know possitivly i am on 105 . I just scanned in AMC15 KU on the pansat and wrote down the fr and sr ( Macy's network ), then went to the azbox and plugged them in and got a lock on amc15 @ 105 , but still no luck with AMC 18 .I must not be useing the correct fr"s . What i'm going to try next is add 1 and subtract 1 from the fr's that i think should work .
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that's the one orphan satellite in my arch (137-87 C Band), never been able to get anything with the 10 footer, but I don't have a DVB-S2 or Digicipher receiver though
my 7.5' gets the s2 tp's fine. they come in the 70's on a pansat 9200HD.

If you don't mind truckracer, could you post which TP's you found on the 105w C-band please? I tried to scan it today and only got 2 bleedover channels from the 103w. I might try what Iceberg suggested about tuning to the 107 and navigating from there.
I can't get the S2 TPs (haven't tried the DCII) with a 6 foot fixed dish in (SF) CA with a Diamond 9000. I tried the same tuning technique as Iceberg as 107 C-Band booms in for me. I am considering going to an 8 foot dish but will try DCII 1st. I'll try to keep ya'll posted.
I am still haveing no luck catching a signal on AMC 18 , now i'm wondering if my switch went south on me .I should be getting something on 7.5' . I'll have to wait till the snow melts abit to swap it out .
I finnaly found the time to experiment with AMC 18 , and am glad to say i got this one nailed down . The simplest answer is usually the best . I went back to Lyngsat and tried again .
On the Azbox
TP 3780
SR 30000
Pilot on

Guess i need to play with the azbox a bit more.
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