America Attacked 9/11

This brings tear to one's eye. Thank you for putting this together. It is hard to understand how a thing like this ever happened. How evil was revealed in our own eyes that morning of 9/11/01.
My best friends sister was on American Flight 11 traveling back to Orange Country on business. She had just moved out to Boston to take a job as a financial analyst from Orange Country and had been at Beacon Capital Partners for only a couple weeks. I wish I had a better photo than this, but....
Well...after watching The West Wing on Bravo ("Isaac and Ishmael") and then this video I'm just as angry and outraged as I was on that day. I am only a little bit consoled that the US has toppled two counties' governments in no small part responsible for this. I know it is far from over. I bristle whenever I hear anyone trying to rationalize the actions taken on 9/11 by these ANIMALS.

Today, life went on as it always does. The sweeping 9/11 memorial services we covered last year on our community TV station was replace this year by a 10 second "moment of silence" at a high school soccer game. ...shockingly, I heard one of the students in the stands say to a friend, "Oh yeah...I forgot about that." I fear we all are forgetting about that. I fear that the resolve we had 2 years ago to hunt down, capture and/or kill ALL those responsible and all those plotting to do it again has withered. Our memory is failing. I fear that many have forgotten that the list of enemies include more than just Osama, Sadam and the Taliban. I fear this will inevitably leads some to question our actions in Afghanistan and Iraq. I fear this will lead to public opinion stopping the U.S. from cleaning house in Iran, Syria, Lybia, Somalia, Oman, Yamen and perhaps Pakistan or even Saudi Arabia which is the home to all but a few of the highjackers on 9/11 and Osama himself.

A great line from a fantastic speech one of the Characters in "The West Wing" said comes to mind...."They'll like us when we win."

I only hope the rest of America and the leadership have the resolve to continue the fight to its conclusion. I hope the leadership does not get mired in "keeping people happy" with the war effort and just get it done. And I hope that those starting to question the whole thing remember that this IS World War 3. Undeclared and unnamed, but none-the-less more than 30 countries are now involved directly...God knows how many indirectly. I hope the result this time around is the same as the last two: We'll help our friends in a fight but we'll try to stay out of it. But you hit us...and we'll come in to finish the damned fight!

See ya

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