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Jul 27, 2006
Pompano Beach, FL
This has been bugging me for a while. Interested in what you all think. When will they ever stop selling analog TVs? Did they not have a March '07 cutoff date for no longer making analog TVs?

In other words, regardless of TV size, all of them MUST have ATSC tuners after March '07. Is this holding true in your hometown stores?
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Jul 20, 2005
Northern VA
Actually, new TVs today must have digital tuners if they have analog tuners. They could sell a TV without any tuner at all, and do, and these are called monitors. They just cannot sell (well, they can sell stock on hand) TVs with only analog tuners. This applies to VCRs, tuners, even DVD recorders with tuners, not just TVs.

Even after analog shutdown on 2/19/09, they may continue to include analog tuners, maybe ones that only pick up channels 3 and 4, since there are so many VCRs and other items that output to those 2 channels. No one knows for sure.
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Sep 9, 2003
Odds are they will include analog tuners for quite ahile if only to be compatible with all the legacy analog devices.
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