Samsung QLED TVs

When I moved to the 65” Sony UHD TV, I moved my JVC LCoS 61 incher to the Rec room. Rarely gets used. But I think I have one more spare bulb.

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When my Father-in-Law was looking for a replacement for their SD RPTV, he ended up getting a 50" Samsung DLP set with the LED Light Engine. So, no bulb to fade and burn out and no color wheel to cause strobing when you move your head. It lasted about 8 years before the mirrors started to fail on or off. It was a case of spotting one stuck pixel and it seemed like they started failing in greater numbers.

Another problem he had was the mirror on the back panel becoming unglued and drooping, causing horizontal lines near the top of the screen dipping down up to 1/2". Finally, since this HDTV was in the basement on the other side of the wall from his workshop, it did pick up dust so the picture wasn't as sharp as it was when it was new. The 50" 4K Samsung he replaced it with has a great picture, but it has poor off-axis color and contrast shift.
Ah the bulbs fond memories.:D
While replacing the lamp may be onerous, doing so was like getting a new copy of the old TV for a relatively small investment.

When a flat screen loses something (pixels, backlighting), it means you're looking for a new TV with nothing left over to upgrade another room. One or two re-lamps starts looking pretty good.

The problem probably isn't so much the flat screen technology but rather the design lifespan of the modern TV. This doesn't hurt those that wait a few years for the price to come down 70% or more and the engineering kinks to be worked out but the bleeding edgers are getting hosed pretty badly.
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