And you thought you had a bunch of trees!

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Dec 16, 2008
SouthWest Ohio
After a few years of messing with FTA I decided in the last few weeks to see if I could get lower than 87W on Cband. I hooked the ratchet strap to the mounting pole and to the bumper of the truck. The 8 foot dish is mounted to a 3 foot round slab of concrete which is about 2" thick. After I pulled the whole assembly to the west about 2 feet, it was time to experiment! Today I got a couple of signals on 61W and finally got NHK on 58W.
Hopefully after the leaves fall I'll get a few others. The tree to the right in the picture blocks anything on Cband from 72W to 83W. The large oak tree which is dead ahead sadly doesn't reside in my yard, or it would be gone and I'd be able to get below AMC6 on my Ku setup too.:)


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That'd make me want to move! That many trees would be irksome alright.
WHen I first looked at the picture, I thought you had a huge black hole in your house, lol . Optical illusion.
oops, edit
This post was 6666, I wonder if that means anything!
I broke my cheapie ratchet strap moving it lol...I'm going to try and move it another foot or so today and see if anything improves. In the front there's trees across the road 200 feet away, but 83-139W are all clear. How I long for a nice acre of flat land with no trees lol...blind
Perhaps you should consider burning wood and cut them thar trees for firewood!

Check with the sponsors here for a C bandsaw! :D
Well, there is a 20 acre plot West of me and 7 or 8 east of me for Sale... And North of me there are another bunch. A nice place to build a satellite farm if you don't mind the wind. The highest price piece is under $55,000 and NO HOA! Of course, if you want commercial power, expect to add a bit to that! BUT NO TREES. I just looked at the only tree on our property, and if I put a Primestar on it's J pole mount with the LNBF touching a branch of the tree, it would still be looking over the tree at the Clarke Belt!
I read your posts with some interest. I am a newbie to fta. I put up a motorized .9m ku band dish last winter. I have a clear view to the southwest, and can get good reception from 72 W up to 125 W. When i first went up, there were no leaves on the trees to the east ( I am on eastern Long Island in New York State ) and was picking up all the way down to 5 W. But with leaves, nothing. So that is something to look forward to, when the leaves come down. At 5 W, and 125 W, my dish is pointing almost level with the ground. I mounted the dish about 25 ' off the ground on a mast mounted off my house. I would have thought microwaves would go through leaves. Maybe because it is such low power. Ron
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