annoyed tv changed by itself again


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Oct 25, 2014
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for about 3 weeks, like on and off the tv keeps changing channels on its own.
i watch one channel then out of the blue it changes to another channel, then I turn it back then it changes to at least two different channels.
i have to change channel back, then the channel goes right back to a different channel.
I notice that when it was windy, but its not windy today.

if happened again today.
i give it one more week like this then i will call up the dish tv tech or something.
ok i must add one other thing this is happening on the second tv not the first tv. its in dual mode.
i am the only one using dish tv right now, the first tv connected to to the main hdtv box is just there not using it, i am using it by myself.
i know this hdtv is not haunted. recently i notice someone else got dish across the street on other side of the street *way on other side so maybe intereference could be happening. yeah i am being funny about the hdtv being haunted.

or do they have a device someone being funny can change my tv channel *nah* i am sure that can happen but weird. just kidding with that too. but its possible because if they sell cell phone jammers i am sure they have some kind of mechanism to change the channels and no one would no, but i check outside right outside to see if someone is being funny.
*that isnt happening* maybe it could be the satalite or something. i live near the mountains. *huh talk about paranoia* I guess i watch to many hacking or cyber movies etc. I remember that old sneakers movie with spying etc.


ps any thing is possible but i just will deal with it, i like to keep things simple :) during the timing of this happening the hurricanes were happening but it was not near me.
Do you have another sat box in the house? Do you live in an apartment or townhouse?..irs probably someone changing the channel on a different sat box in your vicinity
Yes, it is probably a neighbor that has Dish. Your neighbor's RF remote control is set to the same channel as yours. The fix is to change the channel that your remote uses to communicate with the Dish receiver. When you first get your receiver it is set to the default (channel 1), change it to something else.
What DISH receiver do you have? On VIP receivers TV2 is UHF remote(radio wave) receivers over 100 ft away can change channels if they are set to the same address code. Pull the access card out of it's slot in a few seconds a setup screen should appear one of the lines should be remote address codes, if one is #1 change it to a higher #.. If this isn't your problem call tech support.
Boba is correct that you and a neighbor are likely on the same remote address.

Take TV2 remote to TV1, where the receiver is.
Press SYSTEM INFO on the front of the receiver
take TV2 remote
Press and hold SAT until all lights flash
Press a number (other than what the secondary remote address already lists)
Press #
Press record a few times

All should be good now
UHF remotes have a range of roughly 30meters give or take (or use to back in my day).
Your remote is likely on Channel 1. Suggest you change it.

If the remote channel isn't an issue call a local Priest because I saw Poltergeist once...didn't end well for the occupants.