Another 811 DD issue Please help


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Feb 6, 2004
I have done a search in this forum and haven't found this exact problem mentioned so here goes. I have had my 811 for a few months and it has worked pretty well for the most part. Last week though, I lost sound from some of my channels, most notably the HD channels and some of the pay chennels (showtime etc.) I have my denon 3803 hooked up via the optical output. Like I said, everything worked great until last week. I can get audio if I connect via RCA, but obviously no dolby digital. Is there a fix for this or am I stuck without DD? I have called customer support but they were no help (surprise). Thanks
I have a similar problem with my Denon 2802.

I don't get sound from HBO-E-300 and HBO-W-303, but only from ONE of my 2802 optical inputs.

I don't get sound from HBO-E-300 and HBO-W-303 from either my Dish-501 or Dish-6000 via that 2802 input.

I did all the "reset everything" stuff that E* asks one to try, to no avail.

Try moving your 811 to a different optical input.


I haven't pursued this because I know I'll be getting a 921 any day now, so I'll use the "bad" port for something else. :D
When this happened to me, a reboot (holding the power button down for 10-12 seconds) restored the DD. My setup is similar to yours. I do notice audio sync problems on one of my OTA stations, as well as some sat channels, although the sat channels have this problem very infequently. Dish acknowledged the problem, said future software upgrade would fix it. Hasn't happen yet!

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