Another Ebay DVR 522 Question and concern2


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Jun 30, 2004
:mad: Well, I thought I bought a great DVR receiver for a good price...but what I notice here is that the DVR 522 can not be activated by me since I am not the "owner, or leasee". Is there nothing I can do? I just wanted to upgrade to a better reciever with DVR and dual receivers...Have I wasted my money...I don't know if the guy that sold it to me Monday will give my money back...I know he hasn't sent it yet and I paid him through PayPal and my Bank Account..... :no

Any thoughts???? :eek:
Hi lemonfarmer,

For more info on your problem, you should see this thread in the other forum:

As Simon correctly points out in that thread, they're not supposed to activate it for you. It has been standard policy to not do it for a while now, but apparently some people are still having luck getting it done. In a surreal twist, the guy that answered Simon's e-mail (and dodged the question) is actually the same person that activated a 522 for another member who posted in the thread. :confused:

So I guess you can follow the advice of some in that thread and just hope for the best. Good luck.

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