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Feb 11, 2010

I am from Nw Oregon and currently live on the road as a traveling construction worker. We travel about 9-10 months out of the year depending on what job we are on.

So needless to say I love my satellite tv on the road. I have a 311 receiver right now and I want to upgrade to a 322 so the wife and I can watch different things instead of rock, paper, scissors to see what we are going to watch.

So I guess I am looking for advice on how to hook up this new receiver we have a dish 500 with dual lmb but not the pro. version. We only have 1 place on each lmb to hook up coax to. My 5th wheel is wired for satellite already and I need to know how to hook up the dish network 322 receiver with a single cable. My 5th wheel also has a switch from the factory with tv1, tv2 and satellite and cable or antenna buttons on them for each tv. So any input would be great. Also where to get one the cheapest.



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